FO: (Sort of) Foaming Waves Chemo Cap

I loved the look of the Foaming Waves Chemo Cap, but I didn’t like how many pattern repeats were used for the original pattern. I wanted more of a crown to my hat, so I set about modifying the pattern to fit my aesthetic better. However, I’m not sure if this hat is even worthy of holding the name of this pattern. I heavily modified the pattern. Emphasis on the heavy. When does a modified pattern become a completely new pattern?

For my hat, I CO 96 stitches with my Colinette Jitterbug in the Marble colorway, held double on US size 5 dpns, and did the foaming waves stitch pattern for 2 repeats (instead of 3mlike the pattern originally specified). Then, I knit 3 rows of garter stitch, and then 1 row of the lace pattern (to add shaping to keep the top rows of garter stitch wavy instead of flat like the pattern originally had). I switched yarns to the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select in the Foxy Lady colorway (also held double), and knit 5 rows, placing 4 stitch markers evenly throughout the round on the 5th row. I then knit a decrease row, with a ssk on the right side of each marker and a k2tog on each left side. I knit 10 rows straight, 1 decrease row, and then 3 straight rows. I then repeated 1 decrease row, followed by 2 straight rows four times. After that was 1 decrease row, 1 straight row, then I knit decrease rows until there were 8 stitches left on the needles. I pulled the yarn through and then wove in the ends.

Behold, a hat: 


Here is my hat (that fits my tiny head perfectly) on Dav’s (very large) head. 

My 9-month old kitten Calypso (“Caly”) wanted to check it out, too.




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