Resolution Check-In

  1. Update my stash on Ravelry (I think I only have about 2/3 posted as of yet)
  2. Finish my holiday knitting by the end of October
  3. Knit at least one holiday gift per month through October
  4. Knit from my deep stash (and use some for holiday gifts)
  5. Knit at least five items for charity (probably preemie hats or pet snuggies)
  6. Attempt to blog weekly!


  1. All of my stash is on Ravelry except for one skein of sock yarn and one skein of baby yarn I picked up at JoAnn’s when they had a really good sale mid-February.
  2.  I’ve already knit a few cowls for holiday knitting!
  3. It’s only March and I’ve got three holiday gifts knit so far an in the box, so this goal’s completed so far.
  4. I have been knitting from deep stash, which makes me feel happy (and means I can potentially buy some new, nice yarn!)
  5. I’ve knit one preemie hat and I completed twelve (count ’em, 12!) snuggles (some were knit, some were crochet, some were sewn) for a February Animal Lovers KAL held by Sadie of the Yarnivore podcast. I plan on donating half of them to my local shelter in College Park, and the other half to my hometown shelter in Hagerstown. Goal accomplished! (Though, I will still knit a few preemie hats since I have leftover baby yarn from the project for my cousin’s new little boy.)
  6. I was doing really good on this goal for a while, but it has been a month since I last updated this blog. Last month was a short month, and it was also a show month so that took a lot out of me. Also, good news! I switched departments at work, so my position won’t be outsourced (whenever they get around to actually doing it…. it was supposed to originally happen last June!) and I got a raise! It’s more work, but less pressure so add all that to more money and you get a significantly happier Ashleah who is significantly less stressed. 🙂 I hope to get by on just posting FO updates to reach my goal of weekly blogging. Yeah, I know I’m lazy.